iPhone X—a nightmare?

The new iPhone X brings a lot of new features, but Apple has made some questionable software features that leaves us feeling a bit perturbed.

iPhone X Parody Commercial

iPhone X’s most charismatic feature is the new “Animoji.” Watch the original karaoke video that received over 25 million views on Twitter.

Hidden Mac Tricks for EXPERTS!

Quinn Nelson of Snazzy Labs shows you the best hidden macOS features that even longtime power users of OS X don’t know!

VR on a Mac in macOS High Sierra!

Virtual Reality is the new cool thing on the block. The days for Mac VR support are still early but is it good enough to replace your gaming PC?

DIY Clear Atomic Purple Nintendo Switch!

Nintendo Switch is great, but having the same console as everyone else is kinda lame. Re-live the 90s with this DIY Atomic Purple Nintendo Switch!

The new Apple iPhone X design is DUMB!

The new iPhone X is undeniably cool, but we’re not convinced about Apple’s decisions to depart from the iconic home button.

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