iPhone X Parody Commercial

iPhone X’s most charismatic feature is the new “Animoji.” Watch the original karaoke video that received over 25 million views on Twitter.

Is Apple Ruining Your Mac’s Performance?

Is heat harming the performance of your Mac? Spoiler alert: it is. Thermal throttling is very, very real.

An AMD Ryzen… Mac?!

AMD’s new Ryzen architecture has taken the PC market by storm. Apple won’t drop Intel, but we can make our own AMD Mac!

Increase Your Mac’s Storage!

Combining a SSD/HDD and the speed of an NVMe SSD, you can increase your Mac’s storage without sacrificing performance!

The Best 2017 iMac Apple Doesn’t Sell!

Why pay $5,000 for a loaded iMac when you can do it yourself and save $1,800 in the process?

Apple Made a Game Console!

Apple made a game console! …in 1996. And it was a massive failure. Let’s talk about the history of Apple’s infamous PIPP!N.

Is a $70 Hackintosh Any Good?

Snazzy Labs builds a $70 hackintosh—or, as we call it… crapintosh—computer for those on a tight budget.

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